Summer Picnic 2024

Our Kenilworth Walking Women Summer picnic is planned for Sunday 14th July 2024 – from 12pm onwards.

Venue: Abbey Fields Park – underneath the very large tree at the bottom of the sledging slope! It’s just a 2 minute walk from the park carpark, or the top of town. All walking group members invited.

What to bring: a picnic blanket, your food/drink contribution – a folding chair/cushions for comfort should you wish. I’ll supply the disposable cups/plates/cutlery/napkins. Picnic games/ideas all welcome.

Food and drink planning

We’re planning to have a buffet style picnic whereby people bring a small contribution to the food and drinks table. I’ve created a spreadsheet which is shared online on my google drive. Please open the file – add your name to the food and/or drink item you wish to bring and then close the page – it should save automatically.

If you’re not too sure about using the spreadsheet just comment in this post below with what you would like to bring and I will add it to the spreadsheet.

Given the number of us, slots for food items will be first come first serve.

I reckon if we all bring the equivalent to about 5 portions, together we should have enough for everyone. And if you are happy to bring a drink item too, that would be wonderful!!

ALLERGIES: For those with allergies please feel free to bring your own food for yourself and please let me know ASAP if you need people to avoid bringing certain food items such as nuts etc.

The spreadsheet will be easier to edit on a computer or tablet rather than a phone.

For those who can’t open it then these are the food categories. Either drop me an email/comment in my picnic facebook post to let me know what you would like to bring.


Finger Food
Bowl of Salad (greek/Italian etc)
Cheese/Bread Sticks/bruschetta (or similar)
Dips/humous etc
Charcuterie board food (cheese/cold meat/olives etc)
Fruit (grapes/melon/apple etc)
Individual salad items (tomatoes/carrot sticks etc etc)
Other small savoury items (crisps/sausage rolls etc etc)
Small sandwiches/rolls/pitta/wraps
Fresh summer berry fruits (strawberries/raspberries etc etc)
Small finger food dessert items (Danish pastries/mini cakes)
Water – Still
Any Non alcoholic
Rose wine
White Wine
Red Wine

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